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Monthly Archive:: August 2016

White N Gold Donk

Golden Age Donk This is a nice white caprice with gold trim. Gold grill,mirrors,door handles and tailights the only thing missing is the gold bumpers. Gold 28″ rims
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SuperCharged Donk

73 Caprice Supercharged   Lime green body paint and lime green 26″ wheels. This has a big block chevy engine supercharged with a blower hanging out at the
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Vert Green Cutty

Cutty Ragtop Kelly green paint with the kelly green rag top looks very clean. 26 inch asanti chrome wheels with the green interior. The engine sounds like a
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74 Donk Caprice

Light Green Donk Thats right Dub 26 inch green rims to go along with this clean body. Gator interior to go along with the gator rag top. Under
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Gold Bonds

Got Gold? This is the question because somebody just went gold crazy on a couple of cars! What a paint job done of this caprice starting with gold
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One Of A Kind Donk

Vert 75 Caprice Chrome and painted undercarriage with spinning chrome rims. Teal paint with chrome grill and mirrors. New technology in the inside with no door handles it
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